Rockwood Green Public School

Rockwood Green Public School


The goal of true education is to encourage one to think intensively and critically. The mind of a child is like a canvas. We at Rockwood Green Public School strive to scribble the right notes and paint the right pictures on it. A holistic approach to education with creative freedom and inspiring innovation is the key factor of molding our students from core to advanced knowledge. Our constant endeavor to provide our students with a holistic academic experience makes us the best CBSE School in Bangalore.


We encourage an interactive classroom environment between the teacher and students to fuel the student’s curiosity and enhance self-discovery. We also pay individual attention to every student under our care and see to the academic, emotional, societal, cultural and physical development of each one of them. We firmly believe in inculcating intellectual awareness, cultural diversity and a sense of responsibility towards the community, in our student’s mind.


From grassroots level of Kindergarten to the budding years of Middle School to the crucial and decisive stage of High School, we walk with our students through every step of the way and prepare them for any challenge that lies ahead in future. It is of utmost importance for us as Mentors, to empower and expose every young mind with the ocean of possibilities and the diligence needed to achieve them.


The School focusses more on instilling in these young minds that every challenge is worth it and one must work with compassion to overcome apprehension and fear to achieve their goals. We ensure that once they cross the threshold of RGPS, no hurdle in life seems conquerable to them. We wish that every child discovers their true potential and builds a better tomorrow for our country.