How can we help our children discover their passions?

How can we help our children discover their passions?

Every parent wants to encourage his/her child to find out what he/she loves to do. Here are some tips on how to support your little one’s discover their passion.

Finding your child’s passion can seem a little intimidating. But by encouraging your little one to pursue his/her interest, you can help him/her to build up their confidence and develop lifelong skills. Whether your child loves sports, art, music or politics, you can provide the support system he needs to follow through on his goals.

Rockwood Green Public School, Bannerghatta, (RGPS) does exactly what is required to discover the passion in a child. The following are the ways on how RGPS helps children to discover their passion and groom them towards their respective areas of interest-


Rockwood Green Public School pays attention to each and every child’s interests, even if they seem fleeting. Over time, every child seems to develop their passions. Only by simply watching the child and listening to what they speak about their interests, we can get a good sense of what he/she does and doesn’t like.


When Rockwood Green Public School realizes that a child has a particular interest, it encourages the child to pursue it through participating in different activities. The School starts to build up the atmosphere of encouragement slowly based on child’s level of interest.


Very few people are lucky enough to know what they love to do at a young age. If any child has not been able to narrow down a particular field of interest, we should encourage the child to try a variety of activities.

Rockwood Green Public School encourages the child to participate in various activities and discover gradually the child’s area of interest.


Rockwood Green Public School engages into talking with the child and asking him/her thought provoking questions which helps to discover what the child truly loves. Learning what’s at the root of child’s passion helps the teacher to direct the child to similar activities he/she may enjoy.


While helping a child to discover his/her passion, it is important that we recognize his/her mental and physical limits. Every parents feels the urge to see their child as a prodigy and push for more lessons, practice or competitions. But this is a sure- fire path to burn out and resentment. After all, no parents want their child to feel much pressure to win or perform a certain way. Let our little one decide the level to which she is willing to commit. But be sure to limit extra-curricular activities so that they are manageable for parents.